The Glen Abbey Spirit

We pride ourselves in providing all Glen Abbey Toastmasters:

  • a great professional program and a supportive learning environment, and
  • a fun-loving, social environment - fostering camaraderie and good will among our members.

We follow the educational guidelines as set out by Toastmasters International, and we also participate in club and area contests, district conferences, and fun social events where members can get to know each other better.  What you participate in is up to you.  Some events are for everyone, some are better for new Toastmasters, and some for more experienced Toastmasters.

In addition to our weekly meetings, here are some of the key events throughout the year:

Humorous Speech Club Contest – September

We start the year off with a great contest, showcasing the funnybones that many Toastmasters have.  Always a great night of sharp wit and great speeches.

Table Topics Speech Club Contest – September

In conjunction with the Humorous Contest, we also run the Table Topics Speech Contest.  A great contest to start competing in Toastmasters.  All contestants are given a topic - have seconds to prepare - and then are asked to give a one minute speech on the topic.  Lot's of fast thinking!

Open Houses - September / October

We invite many friends, guests, colleagues, and Oakville residents to come check out our club and find out what Glen abbey Toastmasters is all about.  Of course guests are welcome anytime, but this night we focus on showing everyone how we do what we do at Toastmasters.

District Conferences – November and May

These 3-day conferences offer a variety of educational seminars, dinner and brunch sessions with keynote speakers, and of course the formal dinner/ dance referred to as the Governor's Ball.

The event is open to Toastmasters and their guests and provides an affordable get-away, particularly when held outside the city, for anyone interested in the educational and social aspects of Toastmasters.

The camaraderie is great as you meet many familiar faces. You see, attending conferences can be addictive. Not only do you get an opportunity to listen to the best of the best in the district, but the educational sessions are often motivational and entertaining, and you will leave the conference re-charged with energy, guaranteed!  More info on upcoming / past conferences on our blog

Holiday Potluck - December

A very popular event for members just before the holidays.  We have a festive meeting with lots of toasts, good food, and good cheer. Many members take this opportunity to display their musical and other talents.

The United Nations Dinner – January

This year, we're starting a new tradition - the United Nations Dinner.  Members will be invited to come in traditional dress from the country of their choice - and we'll work on global harmony.  This event will provide a venue on how to prepare for formal global meetings.

International Speech Club Contest - February

The International Speech Contest is an annual Toastmasters contest that runs through all levels of the organization.  Starting with club-level contests, contestants proceed through higher levels until reaching the finals at the Toastmasters annual conference.Competitors from Toastmasters clubs from all over the world enter this contest, and winners of this contest are awarded the title "World Champion of Public Speaking.

Evaluation Club Contest - February

The Evaluation Contest encourages the development of evaluation skills in Toastmasters. 

Contestants watch and listen to a test speaker, and then are taken out of the room to develop their evaluations. One by one, the are brought back in to present their evaluations.  This is a great contest to further develop listening and evaluating skills.

Mary Heary Invitational Tall Tales - May

Toastmasters International calls it the Tall Tales Contest.  But here in Oakville, Ontario - we've renamed it the Mary Heary Invitational Tall Tales Speech Contest - in honour of a former Oakville Toastmaster named – Mary Heary.  She was part of the Oakville Toastmasters Club, and later the Glen Abbey Toastmasters club.  She was famous for her outrageous stories and tall tales that kept people in stitches.

This is a great contest to practice those Tall Tales:  fictional stories that are told in the form of personal narrative or anecdotes, challenging the listener's credulity with comic outlandishness, but could be true or not!

Charter Party - June

Held at the end of the September-to-June season, this event celebrates the founding of Glen Abbey Toastmasters back in March 1992. The format is dinner / dance, usually with a guest speaker. The Charter Party also formally announces and welcomes the newly elected Club Executive Committee and gives thanks to those vacating their positions.  See the 20th Anniversary Charter Party on our blog     

Summer Pub Night - August

The pre-season pub night gets everybody together for an evening of catching up, telling tall tales, and getting ready for a great Toastmasters year.