2014 Charter Party


Save the Date! Wednesday June 11, 2014

O'Finns Irish Temper Bar 136 Church Street, Oakville (near Oakville Public Library) is the venue for the Glen Abbey Toastmasters 22nd Charter Party. The theme for the night is Great Celebrations in celebration of another great Toastmasters year. It all starts at 6.30 and promises to be a fun filled evening full of laughter, great food and great company. What will be getting up to I hear you ask? Plenty. Our current President will be welcoming everyone to the Party at the start of a packed evening. We will have the chance to welcome and pay tribute to Presidents from prior years, and have a toast and table topics based on the night's theme.

We will be acknowledging those who achieved education awards this year and helped maintain Glen Abbey's distinguished club status. We will have a guest speaker and award the Toastmaster of The Year prize for the Toastmaster who has contributed most to the huge success Glen Abbey Toastmasters has enjoyed this year.

A spectacular dinner will be followed by a special celebration cake so bring your appetite! Don't worry you can work off those calories on the dance floor afterwards as we dance the night away to the best in contemporary sounds.

Get Your Tickets Today

Tickets are available from Ross Cree, Paul Dubal or Heather Stuart-Obee at the next few meetings. Remember to give your food orders when you purchase tickets. Members are only $20 and non-members $33, which represents great value, so bring your partners and friends. The more the merrier! See you there!

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2013 United Nations Dinner Meeting

Our club has such a diverse group of individuals from different backgrounds and cultures, we thought it would be a great opportunity to learn more about those cultures and to celebrate the diversity we enjoy here at GATM.

Members came dressed as leaders, representatives, and characters of their country of choice (many in national dress) and provided a 2 minute informational greeting from their country. 

Dinner was excellent, and after dinner we had an impromptu visit from Bonnie Prince Charlie - bringing greetings from his mother - the Queen.  We also heard speeches re Canada's commitment (or lack of) to the Kyoto accord, the International Year of Quinoa, and the International Year of Water Co-operation.

Looking forward to next year's UN Dinner.


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2012 Christmas Cheer Meeting


Time for a little festive cheer as we get ready for the holidays.  We're having a fun potluck meeting with a special fun theme called Can It Go In The Box?

When:  Wednesday, December 12, 2012 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Where:  in our regular meeting room at Sheridan College.

What Is Can It Go In The Box?

Have you ever seen or experienced something that ticks you off or annoys you just a little? Like people who talk loudly on the Go Train, or men who wear socks with sandals, or sports personalities that always use the same clichés, or Madonna, or people who say "like" and "totally", or Sudbury because ....... well it's Sudbury.  Have we got a game for you!

How Does It Work?

At our Christmas Cheer Meeting, every Toastmaster is asked to speak about at least 2 'THINGS' (people, places, articles, anything) for 2 minutes.  Your goal is to convince the rest of the members that your ‘THING’ absolutely should go in the box and disappear from this earth forever.  You'll need to use humour, exaggeration and drama to convince the crowd.

Host for the game - Tony Corrie, will help with his comments and questions.  Once your justification has been presented, fellow toastmasters may ask questions too - so be ready to think on your feet.  Once the questions are done, there will be a vote taken as to whether your ‘THING’  goes in the box or not.

Now, maybe your ‘THING’ gets voted into the box or not - this is meant to be lighthearted fun - just like those crazy motions you hear during the business sessions.  But of course there will be token prizes and bragging rights for best "In The Box Persuaders".

Where Did This Idea Come From?

The concept is based on a British TV show call Room 101, and if you are interested - go check out how the pros do it.

And About The Potluck....

The potluck sign up sheet will be passed around at the November 28 and December 5 meetings so you can bring your favourite foods to share (savoury appetizers, healthy greens or sweets).

Please remember, we have extended the hours for this meeting from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. We will have three regularly scheduled speeches / evaluations on this day. We will not have a point of view, education speech, table topics, or business session. And we will likely go to the pub afterwards.


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2012 - 20th Anniversary Charter Party

On June 23, 2012, Glen Abbey Toastmasters held its 20th Anniversary Charter Party - and what a party it was!  We were happy to see so many current and past members (including 13 of Glen Abbey Toastmasters Past Presidents) join us to celebrate 20 years of successful toastmastering.


We had some great toasts, entertaining and humorous table topics, a warm hearted speech on being a Toastmaster, and then lots of dancing!  From Billie Jean to Jai Ho to the Chicken Dance - we did it all.  Our annual celebration was held at the Quality Suites Hotel in Oakville, and the food was outstanding including a selection of Chicken, Salmon or Roast Beef.  Wine was supplied by Glen Abbey Toastmasters.

The 20th Anniversary Charter Party was a great opportunity for current members to connect with past members and to learn about the history of our club.  A video presentation was prepared by Phyllis Inward which also provided great insite into our club history and successes. Our annual Charter party has become our way of celebrating our progress, our speakers, and our belief in Toastmasters. See the video here.

We hope to see you next year in June 2013.

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