GATM Workshop: The Art Of Effective Evaluation


The Art of Effective Evaluation is a workshop designed to help Toastmasters develop the knowledge, motivation, and skills you need to become more effective evaluators.

  • Don't understand all the parts of an evaluation?  This workshop willl help.
  • Don't understand how to evaluate to motivate?  This workshop will help.
  • Uncomfortable about giving an evaluation?  This workshop will help.

Over two hours, we will work through these objectives:

  • Recognize the purpose and value of effective speech evaluation
  • Discover ways we can improve our evaluations skills- individually, professionally and with Toastmasters
  • Understand how effective evaluations help everyone - the speaker, the evaluator, the audience, and the club

 Workshop Format - this is an interactive workshop with both structured presentation and exercises

  • Presentation - the workshop will be led by Reema Duggal
  • Exercise A - Reasons For Better Speaking
  • Exercise B - Evaluation Climate Assessment
  • Exercise C - Evaluation Workshop - 2 Speeches and 2 Evaluations
  • Exercise D - Evaluating The Evaluations
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