2014 Mary Heary Tall Tales Contest


We're looking forward to another great Mary Heary Tall Tales contest. 

What's a Tall Tale?

According to Westside Toastmasters who have this great article about Tall Tales, a Tall Tale should Include the following features - delivered within 3-5 minutes:

  • A CHARACTER with extraordinary abilities and a specific goal. In the best tall tales these characters are also, for the most part, ordinary people with which the audience can easily identify.
  • A PROBLEM that is solved in a humorous way.
  • A CAREFUL BLEND OF EXAGGERATED AND CREDIBLE DETAILS. Don't exaggerate everything in your tale. Use some realistic details to hook your audience, because they can picture themselves in such a situation. Then blend in exaggerated details to amaze them with a tall tale. With this judicious combination of various details you can really set up your audience to laugh. For example, a story about an ordinary person walking into a cave and encountering a bat as big as a bear cub can be hilarious. A story about a ten-foot-tall man digging a tunnel to the center of the Earth, where he encounters dragons and dinosaurs, is more fantasy than funny.
  • A COMICAL ENDING. The last lines should make the audience chuckle and/or groan. Clever twists and puns can also be sprinkled throughout the story.

So what are you waiting for?  Get started with creating your own Tall Tale!

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