Congratulations 2019/2020 Club Officers

President - Krista Rowan
VP Education - N/A
VP Membership - Muraad Shah
VP Public Relations - Tamur Shah
Treasurer - Janet Newcombe
Secretary - Bahareh Tehrani
Sargeant At Arms - N/A
Past President - Gordon Vuong

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2019 Mary Heary Tall Tales Contest

On April 24th, the club organised the Mary Heary Tall Tales Contest. It was a great chance for participants to use creative ways to add some fun and exaggerations to their stories.  We had three contestants and one winner!

- Krista Rowan
- Gordon Vuong
- Bahareh Tehrani

And the winner was: Krista Rowan

Congratulations Krista!



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Area 83 International Speech & Evaluation Contests 2019

On Thursday February 7th, members of the Glen Abbey Toastmasters club competed in the Area 83 Evaluation and International Speech Contest. The competitors were selected from 4 Toastmasters clubs in the Oakville area: Horizon, Sheridan Bruins of Oakville, Own the Moment, and of course our very own Glen Abbey Toastmasters! 
Zehra Raza and Richard Kitney represented Glen Abbey in the Evaluation Contest. Yas Sakka and Zehra Raza represented us in the International Speech Contest. 
Zehra was selected as the winner of the Evaluation contest and was second place finalist in the Evaluation Contest. Zehra will go on to compete in the Evaluation Contest on March 19, 2019.
Congratulations to all the Area 83 Speech and Evaluation Contest Competitors and Winners!

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International Speech & Evaluation Contests 2019

International Speech Contest & Evaluation Contest 2019 was held on January 16th, 2019 at Glen Abbey Toastmasters Club. The Winners of the first and second places will represent our Club at the Area 83  International Speech contest and Evaluation contests.

Congratulations to all the winners, listed below.


1st Place: Zehra Raza
2nd Place: Yas Sakka
3rd Place: Sema Sajedinejad

2019 Intl Speech contest


1st Place: Zehra Raza
2nd Place: Keith Rabey

2019 Int Eval contest

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Humorous Speech Contest 2018


Glen Abbey will be hosting it's Club Humorous Speech Contest on November 21st, 2018.

What is A Humorous Speech? 

Humorous Speeches are 5 to 7 minutes long.  They should be thematic in nature (having an opening, body, and close), contain original content, use clean humour, and not be a series of one liners. Vocal variety, gestures, and speech content all play a part in a successful humorous speech. They should be substantially original. Any quoted material must be identified during the presentation.

What is the Judging Criteria?

Content (55%) Delivery (30%) Language (15%)
Speech Development Voice Appropriateness
Effectiveness Manner Correctness
Speech Value    
Audience Response    


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