Congratulations Reema Duggal - Distinguished Toastmaster

Congratulations DTM

Glen Abbey Toastmasters Club Member Reema Duggal recently achieved a big Toastmasters milestone - her Distinguished Toastmaster designation.

What is a Distinguished Toastmaster?

The Distinguished Toastmaster is the highest award Toastmasters bestows. The DTM recognizes a high level of achievement in both the communication and leadership tracks in the Toastmasters education program. To be eligible for the award, you must have completed / earned the following (links take you to details at Toastmasters International):

Reema joined Toastmasters in 2010, and over the last 6 years completed over 75 speeches at Glen Abbey, at other clubs, and at District 86 events.  In addition she held roles as the Glen Abbey Toastmasters Club VP PR, Club President, and Area 35 Governor.  She also led the Toastmasters 86 Member Communications and Engagement Committee, and received the District 86 Legacy Award for her vision and foundational work in designing the District 86 communication strategy / channel.

Thoughts On Toastmasters

Reema says "Toastmasters is one of the best things I have ever done.  The program is exceptional and the peer2peer format creates a very supportive and positive environment for everyone to become better at public speaking and leadership. I encourage everyone to come to a meeting to see what it's all about."

Next Steps?  "I'm thinking about what I have to do to become an Accredited Speaker......... but that will take another few years.  I'm in no rush.  In the meantime, I hope to be able to mentor new club members and help the club celebrate our 25th Anniversary in 2017."

GATM Workshop: The Art Of Effective Evaluation


The Art of Effective Evaluation is a workshop designed to help Toastmasters develop the knowledge, motivation, and skills you need to become more effective evaluators.

  • Don't understand all the parts of an evaluation?  This workshop willl help.
  • Don't understand how to evaluate to motivate?  This workshop will help.
  • Uncomfortable about giving an evaluation?  This workshop will help.

Over two hours, we will work through these objectives:

  • Recognize the purpose and value of effective speech evaluation
  • Discover ways we can improve our evaluations skills- individually, professionally and with Toastmasters
  • Understand how effective evaluations help everyone - the speaker, the evaluator, the audience, and the club

 Workshop Format - this is an interactive workshop with both structured presentation and exercises

  • Presentation - the workshop will be led by Reema Duggal
  • Exercise A - Reasons For Better Speaking
  • Exercise B - Evaluation Climate Assessment
  • Exercise C - Evaluation Workshop - 2 Speeches and 2 Evaluations
  • Exercise D - Evaluating The Evaluations

President's Message

At Glen Abbey Toastmasters, people with similar communication and leadership goals and interests come together to support, guide and encourage each other. We are a welcoming, diverse community where you can make connections with friends and mentors.

With 2017 as the 25th anniversary of our founding, the club's continued success has been the result of the contributions of talented and dedicated members and the energy and leadership of executive committee members through the years.

I'm very excited and honoured to be President for 2016/2017 year. I invite you to explore what we to offer you through our website and discover what sets us apart from other Toastmaster clubs. Want to experience one of our meetings for yourself? 

Join us at an upcoming meeting as our guest and don't hesitate to contact us with your questions.

Best Regards

WendyRintoulWendy Rintoul
President, Glen Abbey Toastmasters

Congratulations To Our 2016/2017 Executive

Glen Abbey Toastmasters recently held Club Elections for the 2016/2017 season.  Congratulations to the following members who ran for election and will be leading our club next year:

  • President - Wendy Rintoul
  • Vice-President Education - Rose Ford
  • Vice-President Membership - Tariqul Islam / Liz Akey
  • Vice-President Public Relations - Sushila Pereira / Beverly Roberts
  • Treasurer - Kevin Chisholm
  • Sargeant At Arms - Flora Sun / Maha Mansoor
  • Secretary - Helena Karabela

Glen Abbey Toastmasters

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