June2018 SummerBreak

Welcome To Glen Abbey Toastmasters

Uncomfortable giving a business presentation? Worried about leading a community meeting? Nervous during an interview? Find Your Confident Voice This Year!

Many of us have a deep fear of speaking in public, yet we know that strong communication skills can help us in all aspects of daily living - business success, career advancement, relationships with family members and getting along with others in general.

Toastmasters will help you to: speak and present compellingly; think quickly and clearly; listen effectively, and become a stronger leader.  You will learn these skills and more in a supportive, self-paced, affordable, and fun atmosphere.

Are you ready to take your first step?  Be our guest at the next Glen Abbey Toastmasters meeting.

Congratulations 2018/2019 Club Officers

President - Gordon Vuong
VP Education - Alisha Braund
VP Membership - Krista Rowan
VP Public Relations - Yas Sakka
Treasurer - Araceli Hernandez
Secretary - Muraad Shah
Sargeant At Arms - Ghinwa Merei
Past President - Rose Ford

Glen Abbey Toastmasters

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